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Srinivas. K. T

Gunavathi Sinivas

Toe Castle Pre-School is the brain child of Mr. Srinivas and Mrs. Gunavathi Srinivas. They both have a strong passion for non-traditional educational approaches that free up children to thrive as well as early childhood education. Every child is to be given the tools necessary to develop into an inventive, resilient lifelong learner. Instead of confining the children to institutional rooms, management is always backed by a systematic approach to early childhood education. Every youngster needs support from a very young age to view the world of opportunities through their innocent eyes.

Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We are sincerely grateful for your continued support of Toe Castle Pre-School and feel extremely honored. We started Toe Castle Pre-School with the goal of establishing a solid educational foundation that would foster the development of imaginative thinkers, responsible global citizens, and lifelong learners. We can gladly affirm that we have persisted in giving our kids a supportive environment that supports their behavioural, emotional, and academic well-being.

We think that a child's early life experiences, both in terms of their quality and type, create the groundwork and the brain architecture for all subsequent learning and behaviour.

At this crucial time in a child's life, we value the opportunity to provide pleasant, comprehensive, child-centered, and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Three pillars serve as the foundation of our strategy: high-quality education, qualified teachers, and collaboration with parents and the community.

At Toe Castle Pre-School, We offer a holistic experience of life in addition to a quality education. We encourage students to 'Learn' life skills & not just 'Study'

We want children to learn and discover something new and exciting every single day. To achieve this, we have spared no efforts to recruit highly qualified, certified and experienced Early Childhood Educators who are passionate about child care.

With Warm Regards,

Mr. Srinivas and Mrs. Gunavathi Srinivas