Our Staff


At Toe Castle Pre School, we have a passion for education, and our teachers and staff come from diverse educational backgrounds. Teachers and staff members are friendly and supportive. They have the necessary training and a wealth of experience dealing with children. Our team's enthusiasm for teaching, combined with our commitment to providing the best possible educational experience for your child, make us the perfect choice when it comes to learning.

Our team has been handpicked from a variety of backgrounds, and they each bring with them a unique set of skills that make us the ideal choice for your child's education. At Toe Castle Pre School, we put personal interests and differences aside and collaborate as a single family with the solitary purpose of providing the best for our kids and the parents who entrust us with their care.

Their expertise lies in comprehending each kid, giving each pupil their undivided attention, and nurturing them all. Our instructors go above and beyond to make the classroom a warm place where students enjoy coming to learn, play, and develop!

The Teachers

Our staff is trained to ensure that the curriculum objectives for each child are met consistently. They are trained to facilitate learning, observe, record and assess daily. We have an appropriate student-teacher ratio to ensure that every child's needs are met so that they don't excessively depend on an adult.


  • Teachers are facilitators
  • Self-Learning Environment
  • Each Child at his own pace
  • Self-correction
  • Inner discipline
  • Daily observation and assessment
  • Socially vibrant environment
  • Encouraging the child's inherent desire to do and learn.