Day Care

Day care is fast emerging as the need of working parents. Our Day Care comes with the most modern facilities and has been designed to provide a facility for parents who would like to see their child be comfortable and safe, while they are at their workplaces. Every arrangement has been made to make the kids feel at home.

We follow the highest standards of hygiene and have caretakers who engage the kids in various programs. They also provide stimulus for lot of activities. The kids also get to enjoy themselves through outdoor games and other activities that the preschool children get to enjoy.

Play Group

Our play school program for toddlers from 1 year 6 months is designed to introduce the child to pre-school setting with supportive environment to help the child transition from home to school in structured environment of fun learning and playing. In this the children continue to develop the overall activities as how they learn and explore their ambience with new experiences.

Our preschool program combines variety of engaging and fun-filled activities that are designed to promote social and problem solving skills. Our programs are specifically tailored to build a positive foundation for future learning.


Toe Castel Pre-School have designed unique concept curriculum for children from age group 2 years 6 months. We designed our program to meet children's developmental needs. Our classrooms, activities, and projects are all stimulating, age-appropriate, enjoyable, and based on each child's unique interests and abilities. Developing foundation with early childhood education by developing self-esteem, creativity, language and communication, socialization, logical & sequential thinking and mathematical concepts thus preparing for the next level of transformation.

Nursery provides a routine and structure to your child’s day through hands on activities and project work. Children actively investigate their interests, discover new ideas and develop their own theories.

LKG / Junior KG

Lower Early Years is not only the foundation for a happy and successful school career, our curriculum helps build a Kids self-esteem by teaching self-care and self-respect. The curriculum focuses on Comprehension Skills, pretend play, conversational skills, picture talk, Public Speaking, Self Expression, Science and Technology, Mathematics, and Logic and Reasoning. Teaching them fun and creative activities will help stimulate their brains and help them to learn quicker when they get into mainstream school. These skills that they will be learning will help them when they begin learning to read and write.

At this stage, kids are learning all kinds of social interactions on their own and beginning to take responsibility for them, resulting in a more organic and compelling learning experience that will benefit them in the future education. The learning is imparted through the inquiry methodology and is interacted and play based where students explore and think critically.

UKG / Senior KG

Our UKG program culminates a strong foundation and formal school readiness. The learning is focused and is a culmination of the concepts from abstract to concrete. At this stage, the child is ready to develop his/ her language, math, motor skills and aesthetic education. Our students are equipped with the skills and confidence required to move to Grade 1.

The programme aims to develop complex co-ordinating skills and engagement with peers. Children begin to explore new areas and acquire skills in following areas along with Value Education: Language - Writing Skills, Math – Number value systems, General Knowledge, Environment Studies, Science, Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Aesthetic/Creative Expression Our aim is to equip children with the right skills for smooth transition to formal school.

With an academically rich curriculum, pupils also start writing and reading in advanced levels. We give children the skills to navigate school and life with a focus on enhancing their self-confidence and growing self-reliance.

The Curriculum


Is focused on the following areas of development:

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Language
  • Creative
  • Socio-Emotional

A Curriculum is a set of experiences and events that are planned to foster a child's learning. Our curriculum explores


Learning Modes

Our curriculum has activities that are specifically designed to help a child in every area of development. These activities include.

  • Individual learning with materials
  • Small group activities in art, language and gross motor skills
  • Learning through a thematic approach
  • Occasional support learning through role plays, presentations, story telling, reading.
  • Field trips
  • Project based learning for older children
  • Cultural celebrations :
  • A child's home environment plays an important role in shaping a child's personality. Our curriculum includes parent feedback sessions and guidelines to ensure that the school and home environment together foster the child's development.


Cognitive / Academic Learning

Every activity in the school is done with a clear cut objective and outcome for the child. Inthe 2 to 4 years' category, we begin with fine motor and practical life skills. English is introduced with phonetics.

Mathematics is introduced with materials that help the child comprehend this very abstract area. Other activities help with cognitive development and logical thinking.

In the 4 to 6 age group, children are taken through a program that covers fairly complex areas of language, mathematics, geography, history, and science in a manner that will help them and understand the fundamentals.

Critical Non Academic Learning

The curriculum provides opportunities for children to make decisions about their work. Children have the choice to work in small groups/ individually depending on their needs.

We encourage our children to receive help from and offer help to other children, thus injecting a sense of social awareness. Mixed-age grouping also helps them become better learners.

Our curriculum helps them with practical skills like cutting, sieving and gardening and other areas of art. Physical Development is an important part of childhood and we take special care of this with structured activities.


Assessment in the early years of a child has to be a continuous process. Our system constantly checks on the child's progress and helps teachers to keep up with the progress and updates of the child hence they can step into make any necessary changes.